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If you suffer from cavities, fillings are the best way to restore the health of your teeth and prevent further complications. At Schmitter Family Dental in Brentwood, Tennessee, family dentist Kristin Schmitter-Webster, DDS, and her team help patients restore the health and appearance of their teeth with composite white fillings. To find out if white fillings are right for you, book an appointment by phone or request one online today.

White Fillings Q&A

What causes cavities?

Also known as tooth decay, cavities refer to the deterioration of your tooth enamel or the outer layer of your tooth. Cavities affect patients of all ages and, if left untreated, can lead to serious oral health concerns like gum disease and tooth loss. 

Cavities are caused by plaque, a film of bacteria that clings to the surface of your teeth. When you consume sugary foods or drinks, plaque traps dangerous acids on the surface of your teeth that eventually eat away your tooth enamel. This causes small holes to form in your teeth known as cavities. 

What are white fillings?

White fillings are the ultimate cosmetic solution to tooth decay. Fillings are used to restore the structure of your tooth and stop the progression of tooth decay. White fillings allow you to repair your teeth without altering their natural appearance. 

White fillings are made from a resin-based composite material that improves the structure and appearance of your damaged teeth. Aside from their durability, one of the most significant benefits of white fillings is their resemblance to the natural tooth. 

White fillings are highly customizable. The composite material can be adjusted to match your natural tooth color. Once placed, white fillings provide long-lasting restorations that are virtually invisible. 

What should I expect from the procedure?

Like all fillings, the procedure begins with removing the damaged parts of your tooth. Dr. Schmitter-Webster uses a drill to remove any decay or bacteria from your cavity. Depending on the size and location of your cavity, she may use a local anesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort. In cases of severe tooth decay, a root canal may be required for effective treatment. 

Once the decay is removed, Dr. Schmitter-Webster applies the pliable composite material in layers to fill the cavity. Each layer is shaped and hardened using a specialized light. Once the filling material is applied, Dr. Schmitter-Webster makes final adjustments and polishes the restored tooth. 

Schmitter Family Dental offers several essential services to help patients achieve happier, healthier smiles. To speak with Dr. Schmitter-Webster about filling your cavities with white fillings, call the office or request an appointment online today.